Is Original Medicare on the Path to Extinction? October AARP Bulletin Takes a Detailed Look at the Program’s Future

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Is Original Medicare on the Path to Extinction? October AARP Bulletin Takes a Detailed Look at the Program’s Future

PLUS: a Visual Guide to Fraud; Who Should Buy Term Life; The New Face of Remote Working; The Vaccine-Alzheimer’s Connection; and more!

WASHINGTON—The October issue of AARP Bulletin offers readers a slew of the latest news updates and stories – from a visual guide to fraud to the future of Medicare. The following are highlights from this month’s Bulletin:

Cover Story: The Future of Original Medicare

Today’s Medicare enrollees have an immediate decision to make between two vastly different options: original Medicare or the private insurance alternative Medicare Advantage (MA). Based on current trends, it won’t be long before enrollment in Medicare Advantage plans substantially overtakes enrollment in original Medicare. Does the original need to be changed to remain competitive with MA? Will original Medicare as envisioned in 1965 cease to exist in the years to come? This month’s cover story dives into the future of traditional Medicare and what it means for you.

Fraud Watch: A Visual Guide to Fraud

Text messages from strangers, computer virus alerts, and gift cards can all be perfectly legitimate. But scammers are finding ways to use tools and technologies like these to defraud older Americans. This month’s Visual Guide to Fraud shows you what some of the widely used fraud attempts floating around right now look like—and how they can be used to steal money.

Your Money: 7 Things to Know About Term Life Insurance

Research shows that the proportion of consumers who intend to buy life insurance in the next year has skyrocketed. The simplest and least expensive type of life insurance is called a term life policy. But what is it and who is it for? This month’s Bulletin provides a comprehensive overview about this popular form of coverage.

Your Health: Can Vaccinations Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer’s?

Vaccinations have become increasingly contentious over the past few years. Between culture wars and scientific stops and starts—the idea of getting that next shot can fill you with anxiety. But, new research has revealed a new reason why staying on top of your vaccinations makes sense: They might reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s. Read this month’s Your Health to learn how vaccines can decrease your risk of age-related cognitive decline.

Your Life: Work From Roam

COVID-19 sent many employees home with laptops, and one question burned in the minds of everyone. Will remote work be permanent? Almost four years later, 40 percent of Americans work remotely, and remote workers are increasingly exploring their geographical freedom. In this month’s Bulletin learn how several older Americans are taking advantage of a remote job to travel and explore.



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