How can I get help with transportation?

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How can I get help with transportation? Does Medicare cover transportation to my medical appointments?

Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) generally does not cover transportation to get routine health care. It does cover emergency transportation in an ambulance.

However, Medicare Advantage plans may cover transportation for your medical needs. One benefit that is covered under some plans is transportation to and from doctor’s visits.

Healthline. Com reports that in a study of 7500 Medicare recipients, 25% responded that they needed help with transportation.

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Another resource that may be available to you is Medicaid. Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that helps people with lower incomes pay for healthcare costs. Like Medicare, Medicaid covers the cost of emergency transportation in an ambulance. Many seniors are on both Medicare and Medicaid.

Medicaid may cover your transport if you:

  • don’t have a car
  • don’t have a driver’s license
  • have a physical or mental disability
  • can’t travel or wait for a ride by yourself

PACE is a program that’s run jointly by Medicare and Medicaid. Under PACE, a team of professionals works to provide you with coordinated care.

The program will cover your transportation to a PACE center for medically necessary care. It may also cover transportation to a doctor’s appointment within your community.

You may be charged a monthly premium for some services. But you won’t have any copays or deductibles for PACE services approved by your care team.

There may also be state and local programs that can assist with transportation.

There are also commercial services that are available including:

  • Uber Health. Family members and care providers can use this service, offered by Uber, to book rides to your medical appointments.
  • GoGoGrandparent. GoGoGrandparent is offered in the United States and Canada. It helps people ages 50 and older request an Uber or Lyft or order meals or groceries for delivery. You need to pay a monthly membership fee for this service.
  • SilverRideSilverRide provides safe, assisted transportation in the San Francisco or Kansas City area. You pay per ride, and contactless payment is available.

But before you opt for a commercial service you may want to find out what can be covered by a Medicare Advantage plan. There is no cost to having one of our licensed insurance agents check into coverage for you.

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