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Health Insurance Plans for Seniors

Senior Health Insurance

Our Medicare Plans that we offer are specifically made for senior citizens.

Medicare Plans

We offers a multitude of  Health Insurance Plans from Medicare. There’s something for everyone.

Transportation Perks

Depending which carrier you receive, you may be eligible to receive free rides. (Mileage Limit)

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Medicare Part B

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We’ve all had a time in our life when we thought we had the best health insurance just to find out, that to see our doctor, we needed to spend 1,000+ out of our pockets. Is that you? Let us help you.

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“When I was called by Medigap Life, at first I thought they were trying to scam me, but after speaking with their representatives, and seeing how knowledgeable they are of everything, it really convinced me to stay on the phone and take a leap of faith, as I really had nothing to lose. Best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life. Here I am, a few years later, and must say that I don’t know if I’d be here if not for them. They helped me save so much money, and have made things more affordable for me. And because of that, I was able to undergo a life-changing surgery, that I wouldn’t have been able to afford before. Thank you so much, you are doing the work of God!”

“MediGap Life helped me switch to a more affordable plan in my area. My other plan was already good, but there’s nothing wrong with making a switch and saving more money! The best thing is, they made sure that my doctors took the new plans that they were switching me to, before switching me.”

“Honestly, I was extremely tired of being called by so many insurance agents because I felt pestered and felt like they were trying to force me into buying their plans. But with Medigap Life, it didn’t feel forced at all. They even told me that I don’t have to enroll in an insurance plan, which made me feel more comfortable. They were genuinely trying to help. Thank you.”