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Welcome to our Senior Discount series of posts. In each post we’ll be letting you know about a Senior Discount that we found on the internet for you. Did you know about these vision discounts?
Senior Discounts from
Get 25% off $200 purchase, plus get FREE basic lenses OR 25% off lens upgrades. Get 15% off purchases of less than $200. Free basic lenses include CleanShield™ anti-glare hard coating.
When coated in CleanShield™, it is scratch resistant, durable, provides UV protection and reduces glare. Free Shipping & Returns. If your glasses aren’t perfect, return them within 30 days for a full refund. Return shipping included.
If you’re on Medicare and need more benefits or want to find out if you qualify for a $0 plan, click the link to Chat Now or Call 1-855-800-5265. #medigaplife #medicare #medicareadvantage #dental #SEP#disability #vision #hearing
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