Nonprofits that help with the cost of hearing aids

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Nonprofits that help with the cost of hearing aids

  • Sertoma is a service organization that provides a list of organizations, by state, which helps disadvantaged individuals with obtaining hearing aids.
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    Source: Sertoma

    Sertoma’s non-profit program, SHARP (Sertoma Hearing Aid Recycling Program) is funded by Sertoma civic clubs located nationwide. SHARP accepts hearing aid donations and recycles the devices to provide hearing aids to low-income individuals. A one-time fee is required.

  • The National Hearing Aid Project is a collaborative effort offered by the Hearing Charities of America (HCOA). The National Hearing Aid Project addresses the need for hearing aids, for low-income people, nationwide.
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    Source: National Hearing Aid Project

    The project combines several organizations across the U.S. to fulfill the need for hearing aids. HCOA works with the University of Kansas to refurbish and track all hearing aids used in the program. After you complete the application process and are accepted into the program, you will receive hearing aids. Follow-up evaluations, fittings, and services complete the process.

  • Hear Now is an application-based program sponsored by the Starkey Hearing Foundation. This program provides hearing assistance to Americans with limited income. Hear Now fits each accepted patient with new, digital hearing aids customized to their needs. Hear Now is made possible through the generous donation of time and services of audiologists and health professionals nationwide.
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