AARP Bulletin Investigation Reveals Inner Workings of International Scam Networks

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AARP Bulletin Investigation Reveals Inner Workings of International Scam Networks

Exclusive report details how boiler rooms, money launderers, cybercriminals operate

WASHINGTON—With fraudulent phone calls, emails, social media posts and texts arriving most every day to most every U.S. adult, Americans fear being victimized by cybercrimes much more than by traditional crimes. In response, AARP sent out a team of journalists and fraud fighters to detail the extent of the multi-billion-dollar fraud industry and exactly how it operates. Among its findings, which appear in the April issue of the AARP Bulletin:

  • Organized crime enterprises, both domestic and international, have learned how easy and profitable consumer fraud can be – particularly in comparison with their other illicit operations – and are eagerly setting up boiler rooms and other fraud operations.
  • An open market for illegally obtained personal information continues to flourish on the “dark web,” where credit card numbers, Social Security numbers and other private data can be bought for a few dollars each.
  • The software and systems needed to set up illegal boiler rooms or cyberfraud operations are cheap, sophisticated, yet easily acquired and mastered.
  • Money laundering operations to “wash” payments from victims so they are untraceable are now able to convert a gift card into merchandise to be sold overseas within minutes.

For all the worrisome details of the scope and capability of the fraud industry, protecting yourself from becoming a victim has also become easier. The AARP Bulletin report exhaustively details both the tools, tips and techniques consumers can use to help never lose a cent to fraud, and also reveals the hottest new scams now rolling out across America.

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